Meet The HBHS Photo Team


nick deleske


I'm sixteen and I love cars, planes, winter and photography.


mia king


Rewind two years. It’s October of my freshman year and I have the opportunity to shoot a wedding, solo, after just one month of learning to use a camera. This spontaneous nature within me is what fuels my passion for creating bold, gutsy images that evoke strong emotion. I’m inspired by art, people and the world around me.


grant guinasso


My name is Grant Guinasso and I am a senior at Huntington. I like to surf and play volleyball. I've always been around photography because of my dad and his friends which inspired me to take photo 1 my freshman year which I realized how much fun I have taking photos and capturing memories to share all around me.


hanna nagasaka


Starting with finger painting and blowing bubbles, I was mesmerized by art at a very young age. I approached many forms of art, such as watercolor paintings and photography and made it into my passion. I like to take elements of nature and have it influence my artwork to create something mellow.


nick nojiri


Through many years of sports I know that nothing in life comes easy and, that you have to work for what you want. It's the same concept for photography because it takes tons of time and dedication to create images you thought you could only dream of. I look forward to creating images I will be proud of.


devin carty

Team and individual

Starting this off with a cheesy quote, "Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world” -Bruno Barbey. Looking through a camera lens is like looking at life in a different perspective. As a Junior on the HBHS Photo team, I try to challenge myself in different ways.


gavin sorenson

Team and individual

The first time I wanted to get involved in photography was when I was in Utah and I saw some people photographing for a bike magazine. This made we want to take much better photos so that I could possibly get a career in bike photography. So I joined HBHS’s photo class and learned how to use a camera and here I am writing a biography about it.


taylor franklin

Team and individual

I’ve never been good with words, which is obvious by my struggle to write this bio. During my awkward shy 7th grade stage, I picked up a camera and began expressing myself through photos instead which sprouted my passion for photography. As a sophomore, I am a part of the photo team group and love to capture the precious moments in life.


caeden stephenson

Team and Individual

My name is Caeden Stephenson and I am a Senior at Huntington Beach High School. I enjoy photography and riding BMX bikes. This is my second year in the HBHS Photo Program. My favorite types of photography are action and portraiture. 


alena veronin


I used to be very passionate about dancing until I burnt out on it during my sophomore year. Junior year came along and my photography class helped me fill the gaping hole of passion and expression I needed in my life and I’ve been in love with it ever since!


matthew blokdyk


Taking photos for over 7 years, my passion has taken me to some of the most surreal locations on earth, and has taught me to truly live in the moment. The limitations of photography are endless and that is why I love every aspect of capturing images. I hope to inspire others to follow their passions and appreciate the freedom of creativity. 


elsa nagle


Photography has always been a passion I’ve used to shape me as an individual. Creating images that tell a story is one of the most important goals I have as a photographer and push me past limits in order to achieve the best shots that I can get. I strive to someday use these abilities involved within my career and throughout my life.   


zack nelson


My name is Zack Nelson and I'm a senior at Huntington Beach High School.  My passions are diving and video games.  I hope that one day I can document the worlds oceans and life underwater.  I also wish to travel to each ocean and record life there.


linn tang

Public Relations

When I was nine years old, I designed my first website. Since then, I have developed my passion for web and graphic design. Now, as a senior, I am versed in numerous creative, visual, and performing arts, ranging from acting to technical theatre, from dancing to writing, from drawing to (some) photography.


ethan schultz

Public Relations

Since I was a child, I have been obsessed with one item, boxes. In fact, for about two weeks of life I only came out of them for one reason, to eat. This infatuation is due to my obsession with individuality, a necessary life attribute and without it there's no personality. This belief is what guides me through photography as well as my lifestyle.