Meet The HBHS Photo Team




When I was 14 I moved to the US from Germany, which was a change that shaped me and my creativity. Here I found my passion for portrait photography. I like to manipulate photos with lighting, editing, and other elements to make them look unique. My knowledge of two different cultures gives me the skill to see situations from different perspectives.

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Ethan Tweitmann


When asked to write a bio about myself in 350 characters, I had no idea what to write. I still don’t, but I feel like if there’s one thing that you should know about me it is that I love a challenge. That’s why I love sports and Photoshop so much. You can be the best in the world, but you will never be unable to improve, and I love that.


Hanna Nagasaka


Starting with finger painting and blowing bubbles, I was mesmerized by art at a very young age. I approached many forms of art, such as watercolor paintings and photography and made it into my passion. I like to take elements of nature and have it influence my artwork to create something mellow.

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My name is Matthew. I am a junior at Huntington Beach High School. I spend my free time surfing and venturing the beaches with my best friends, capturing timeless moments. I find myself in destinations that feel like another world, where I take moments to appreciate the beauties nature has to offer. I am driven to run my own career in the future.




My name is Joey Theile and I am a senior at Huntington Beach High School. My main passions are ocean related activities and video games. I would love to be a pro Call Of Duty player one day, but photography and bodyboarding are also very important to me, especially wave photography. The ocean is my happy place and I can’t imagine life without it.


Sidney Fackrell


From living in Las Vegas to living on the coast of California, I’ve realized each have their own type of beauty. When I traveled for soccer I’ve always loved seeing the landscape around the fields. I’ve now stopped playing soccer and turned my attention to more of the technical sides of things. Now pursuing my likes for digital art and photography.



Public Relations

I’m constantly find myself being infatuated with travel, nature, and being able to experience the world surrounding me. Aside from photography, I enjoy going to concerts where I am able to participate in alternate forms of art. I hope to become involved in photography as well as the film industry next year in college for it is a major that connects to me personally, as well as for a career after college

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Since I was a child, I have been obsessed with one item, boxes. In fact, for about two weeks of life I only came out of them for one reason, to eat. This infatuation is due to my obsession with individuality, a necessary life attribute and without it there's no personality. This belief is what guides me through photography as well as my lifestyle



Team and Individual

I’ve never been good with words, which is obvious by my struggle to write this bio. During my awkward shy 7th grade stage, I picked up a camera and began expressing myself through photos instead which sprouted my passion for photography. As a sophomore, I am a part of the photo team group and love to capture the precious moments in life.




To be brief, My name is Thomas Jaffe. My photography revolves around geek culture (movies, comic books, video games, that sort of thing). I’m a really weird person. I love animals, video game connoisseur and avid medieval martial arts fighter. I also work at a photography studio named Photohouse which specializes in school portraits.


Devin Carty


I’m a Sophomore at HBHS and a team photographer for HBHS photo. Right now I am focusing on long exposure and nature photography. What I love about photography is the way I can express myself without words. “Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world” -Bruno Barbey

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Garrett Schlosser


I've been interested in Photography all my life, I started when I was young making stop motion lego videos and got inspired to explore the many ways you can take a simple picture. I have enjoyed learning how to take long exposure shots and to take pictures of waves. I enjoy surfing, traveling, and take my camera everywhere so I can have pictures of everything I do.




I am a fanatic of the infamous, yet fictional, Batman. I combine my photography techniques with those of Batman type overlays. I enjoy a grunge look to my photographs, a darker more in depth look at a once originally bright and vibrant setting. I have been a photographer for three years now and I am constantly learning more and improving my skill.


Caeden Stephenson

Team and Individual

My name is Caeden Stephenson and I am a junior at Huntington Beach High School. I enjoy photography and riding BMX bikes. This is my first year in the HBHS Photo Program and I love it. One thing I can say about photography is that it is definitely a challenge which is sometimes difficult to overcome. The most important thing is to take pictures of things that matter the most to you.


JP Westerbeck


My name is JP Westerbeck and I am a Senior at Huntington Beach High School. I am 17 years old. I currently take pictures for the football team. I have taken pictures in the past for Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, and Softball. During the Summer, pictures at the HBHS Football Summer Camp and the Ocean View Little League All Star Team. To edit my pictures I use, Lightroom, NIK Software, and Photoshop.