Meet The HBHS Photo Team


mia king


I believe authenticity is what makes us human. All my life I have been creating, trying to express myself through any art form I can make uniquely me. Discovering photography opened my eyes; it was my lightbulb moment. I believe that no matter what you create, what’s paramount is that your creative voice is expressed and felt through your art.


aidan alves


Three years ago, my love for photography started growing. I spent my free time watching hours of photography videos and tutorials just to learn anything I could about this new found hobby. My burning desire to become a portrait photographer expanded to signing up for my first photography class. Now, three years later, I’m pursuing that dream.


hanna nagasaka


Hello, my name is Hanna and I have been taking art and photography classes for 4 years. I was mesmerized by art at a young age; starting with messy finger painting, my passion for art escalated to complex photoshopping and creating surreal images. Along with expanding my art styles, I love expanding my professional skills as an artist.


liam moore


Photography might just seem like pointing a camera and pressing a button, but it's a lot more than that. Photography takes a vision, it takes a sense of passion, and it takes and enthusiasm. And even if it is just pointing a camera and pressing a button, I'm still pretty good at it.


devin carty

Team and individual

Starting this off with a cheesy quote, "Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world” -Bruno Barbey. Looking through a camera lens is like looking at life in a different perspective. As a Junior on the HBHS Photo team, I try to challenge myself in different ways.


gavin sorenson

Team and individual

My interest in photography started early on when visiting Park city, Utah. While there i met many magazine editors and photographers at an event called press camp. These people inspired me to get into photography. I feel that photography is a very important skill to know especially for future industries I plan on working in.


taylor franklin

Team and individual

From capturing the little moments to showcasing new perspectives, photography is a way of expression. I was struggling to find my own voice but after picking up a camera, I found my own way of telling a story. Now I am constantly exploring new places and ways of expression through photography, videography, and many other forms of visual arts.


mikayla conte


I never knew how much photography would change my life until I started taking pictures of my dog, he is so photogenic. I started to fall in love with photography and ever since then, I have been practicing and challenging myself with new techniques. I love the impact it has, and I love to see everyone’s different perspective on life.


kendall lockhart


For as long as I can remember, art has been my outlet for what I can’t put into words. It always came first to sports, even though today I balance it in my schedule along with field hockey. I picked up a camera in my freshman year and now as a senior, I love to experiment with portraiture and nature photography.


elsa nagle


Photography has been apart of my view to the world for as long as I can remember. Capturing individuals and showcasing their personalities is what drives me to create a perspective as to how the world should be perceived, raw and real.


nick deleske


My name is Nick Deleske I am 17 years old and I have been in the class for 2 years. I am a major car enthusiest and love anything and everything about cars. If I am not home you can usually catch me on the trails driving some pretty cool Jeeps. I hope our class can provide you with the best of the best photos money can buy!


jack johnson


Moving to the huge city of Huntington Beach CA from the small town of Milton GA have me a whole new outlook and perspective on pretty much everything. By having both these cultures ingrained in me, my photography falls outside the box, and my ideas are endless. I'm in communications this year to connect different people to HBHS the way I was.


ethan schultz

Public Relations

Hello Mr./Mrs, My name is Ethan Schultz, and this is typically how you will be addressed if we converse. When I first joined HBHS Photography, I was immediately attracted to the position where my job is to talk to people (hello). This socialness derives from my childhood of discussing books, which is the source of my creativity as a photographer.


kevin thai


I discovered photography about a year ago and fell in love with it. Seeing amazing images online scared me because I didn’t know if I could do that, but it also motivated me to try. When I realized that I could create amazing images, that fear turned into a passion.

mugshot-4 (1).jpg

Randal Macias


Ever since I got my first camera, I have been obsessed with photography. It has always been a method of self expression and individualism for me. I love capturing the simple beauty of the world around me through landscape and nature photography. My photography expertise is only matched by my meme knowledge.


Eva kushner


Since I was a child, finding new outlets to express myself has come to define who I am. I’m fueled by creativity, passion, devotion, and photography has become a part pivotal part of my life and I can't wait to see what the future has in store!


nathan ruiz


If I am not rehearsing or performing music, odds are I have a camera in my hand. As a member of APA orchestra and marching band, I documented music events at my school. I am very happy to be a part of HBHS Photography my so I can further my photo endeavors while being involved with my school.


Samantha Sifuentes


I have always snuck around in my house looking for the pictures from when I was younger. I think that this is where my love for photography started. I view photos as memories paused on a paper always there to look back at. So here I am in my Senior year making best of what I can learn for the future.


Ning tung tong


First inspired by flowery fashion shoots as a young girl, I have always admired the touch that alluring photography adds to a story. I enjoy spending my time sketching, painting, and sewing- but I seriously don't know where the hours go. Photography is like a breath of fresh air, teaching me to create art at any moment.